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About Us

Here is a little about me

Hi! My name is Deena. I am a mom of two and a wife of a Navy Veteran. I fell in love with making candles a couple of years ago and decided I would like to turn my hobby into a business. I work with Soy and Soy blended wax.  I have noticed 100% Soy wax gives a lighter hot throw; Hot throw is the fragrance you get after the candle is lit. So, if you are sensitive to scents, you may prefer 100 percent soy, vs blended. Blended wax gives you a better hot throw making the fragrance more noticeable. I have also come to enjoy the ease of Wax Melts. My wax melts can sit in your melt warmer for days at a time, continuously adding fragrance to your desired space, with the ease of not having to out the candle. I hope you have found something to your liking at my shop and that my product brings a bit of happiness to your life. -Deena

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